10 Ideas for Home Decor

If your home is due for a design update but you have a limited budget and even less time, you're in the right place. iKenz have come up with 10 home decor ideas to get you started. With something as simple as artificial plants and flowers, rugs, wall art or a new throw pillow, you can make an entire space feel fresh, on-trend but timeless, and refined. The best part? You can purchase these products from iKenz and get decorating to pull off a new look in just one day.

 1. Dare to Experiment

Invest in decorative pieces that will make a significant impact, like contemporary wall art to draw guests in and get them talking about your home decor style.

Picture: Modern Figures 3 Set Golden Frame Wall Art 

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Artificial indoor plants and flowers are a huge trend. You may want butterfly orchids, a pink peace lily, topiary shrubs or birds of paradise plants.

Picture: Artificial Butterfly Orchids - White

3. Introduce a New Throw Blanket

Putting a colourful throw blanket at the end of your bed or flung over the sofa is an easy but transformative design trick which gives your room a quick makeover.

Picture: Brighton Throw - 100% NZ Wool - Sage Striped

4. Style-Up a Bookcase

You could fill it with books—or you could add in decor accents and accessories like vases and sculptures to break up the monotony of a wall of books. Or, colour-coordinate your books. Not only will it feel more cohesive, but if will style-up a bookcase and make it stand out even more.

Picture: Artiss 5 Tier Bookshelf - White

5. Colour Block Your Wall

For a graphic statement, colour block your wall. Paint it in a bold colour and fill it with picture frames to create an understated yet unique statement.

Picture: Artiss Photo Frames 11 PCS

6. Introduce Contrast

To create an interesting contrast, replace one thing in an otherwise totally traditional room with something super modern, like a coffee table on a neutral tone floor rug.

 Picture: Nathan Mid-Century Modern Dark Coffee Table

7. Add a Storage Ottoman 

A storage ottoman is simply luxurious and adds a plush touch to any bedroom. Plus, you can sit and put shoes on and store extra pillows and blankets.

Picture: La Bella Dark Blue Storage Ottoman

8. Update Bedding Seasonally

Select two sheet and comforter sets, so you can swap them out by the season. In winter, you want warm and inviting bedding, like faux fur and bulky blankets and swap it with cool cotton covers in lighter shades for summer.

Picture: Ddecor Home 1000 Thread Count Quilt Cover Set - Pebble

9. Lay Down a Rug

Boho? Rustic? Traditional? The rug you choose can instantly change the whole aesthetic of your room.

Picture: Large Modern Abstract Floor Rug

10. Bedeck the Bathroom

Give yourself a luxury spa every day by decorating your bathroom with fluffy towels, and add a beautiful basket of river rock next to a basket with pampering bath bombs, gels, soaps and sponges.

Picture: Royal Comfort 4 Piece Cotton Bamboo Towel Set - Beige

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