5 Ways to Create an Outdoor Space you will Love

No matter your budget, iKenz offers a wide range of outdoor furniture and accessories for you to make an outdoor living space pretty, practical and enjoyable. Here are five of our favourite ways you can create an outdoor space you will absolutely love.

1. Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

Choose outdoor furniture based on how you plan to use your outdoor space. If you want it for reading, conversation and lounging, consider comfy chairs with functional coffee tables. If you want to use the space for dining and entertaining, consider an outdoor dining set. If space allows, you can add an outdoor modular sofa lounge for spending time before and after dinner.

Picture: Gardeon 13 Piece Wicker Outdoor Dining Table Set

Picture: Gardeon Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

2. Invest in an Outdoor Grill or BBQ

No backyard is complete without an outdoor grill  or BBQ. They’re the perfect way to complement any professional landscaping you may have had done. You can invite your friends and family over and grill up a plethora of delicious delights, while chatting and enjoying yourselves.

Picture: Hurricane 6 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

3. Create a Focal Point

Water fountains blend seamlessly with your landscaping and become a focal point which adds interest to your outdoor space. The water simultaneously evokes a sense of calm and movement, providing an aesthetic boost to your outdoor space. It also brings balance, serenity, and a feeling of coolness and soothing sounds to make you feel relaxed.

Picture: Gardeon 4 Tiered Solar Powered Water Fountain with Light

4. Fire it Up

Fire pits can be the outdoor equivalent of the living room fireplace, a fixture in many homes. You can choose to build a permanent fire pit or opt for a more portable design. The warm glow of the fire is a great place to gather around and offers the perfect excuse to spend some time outdoors even on chilly nights.

Picture: Grillz Fire Pit 

5. Stylish & Practical Storage Box

An ideal alternative to sheds for smaller gardens or gardeners on a budget, storage boxes come in various sizes for holding anything from gardening tools and pool toys to outdoor cushions. They can also double up as a bench for casual seating anytime.   

Picture: Gardeon Outdoor Storage Box Bench Seat 390L

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